ACKEEMAMA is the only Russian reggae band that July 17 will take part in the festival NARVA MOTOFEST (details in the poster).

July 18, we close the concert season at the bar HASKY (details in the poster).

The conception

Who are we?
We are Urban Reggae Band "ACKEEMAMA"

Where are we from?
Saint - Petersburg city.
We`ve seen many cities and lands, many of them are beautiful, but nevertheless : Saint-Petersburg- Forever!

Where do we go?
We are going straight to your hearts. We have descended from the path of roots reggae. Now we are moving along the express highway of " urban reggae". Roots is dead since the second half of 20th century. It is silly to play it in 21th century. We are progressing…

It's a style. It is created by city and also us. We are living in it. We were born and grew up in city. We are overfilled with it`s rhythm and sound. Yes, we are children of Babylon as well as you are. It`s urban reggae!

Ackee МА-МА
Why? What does it mean? It`s a long story. Formally, ackee is a overseas Jamaican fruit. It`s colour is red. It looks like a tomato and it possesses a neuroparalytic action. MA-MA - you know who it is.

Positive Vibrations
Love and Peace - our songs are soaked with these two components. Love and Peace - these substances form the basis of our positive vibrations. Visit our concerts ! Become filled with favourable emotions and... Vibrate with us! Vibrate as we do! Vibrate better than us!

Reggae is the most free music, that is why we are free of appearance stereotypes of belonging to this style. We suggest you to visit our concerts wearing everything you want. The absence of dreads or a three-coloured scarf cannot give rise to sit at home. We are glad to see you various!!!

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